04 Oct 2020

Updated Reopening Dates for Endebess TTI

The Ministry of Education has announced phased opening of TVET colleges consequently:

  1. All KNEC March series candidates will report back on Monday, 5th October 2020, in preparation of resumption of the the suspended examination. KNEC Briefing will take place on Thursday, 8th October at the institute. The suspended examination will resume on 12th October for two weeks. During this time, COVID-19 protocols will be enforced hence candidates are advised to prepare accordingly.
  2. All students who were to sit for their examinations in July 2020 will report back in Monday, 26th October for their final term. Their examinations is slated for January 2020.
  3. All other students  including new students who were to report in May and September will report back on 15th February 2021
  4. HELB portal is currently open for new and subsequent applications.
  5. Students who will not wish to apply for HELB will be required to clear terms fees on opening date.
  6. Due to COVID 19 protocols, only 58 boarding vacancies are available. they will be issued on first come first serve basis on condition of having cleared fees. Further, the BOG has approved increase in boarding fees to 12000 to cater for extra cost brought effective 1st July 2020.

Comment List

  • bittok joyce December 1, 2020

    looking for a vacancy in teaching (applied biology option)

  • Daniel Kakusha April 25, 2021

    ENDEBESS TTI in ENDEBESS sub-county wishes to invite ALL who did their KCSE or KCPE in previous years and wish to persue
    1) Diploma ( KCSE Mean C- and above )
    2) Craft Cert (KCSE Mean D plain and above ) or
    3)Artisan ( KCSE Mean E or KCPE and above ) that Technical Training education here is now *FREE!!*. Out of your fees of ksh.56,420,the Government is paying Ksh 30k per student and HELB is financing 40k per student (26k as fees and 14k as pocket money). Visit our College situated near Sabwani girls/ boys/ADC just 15km along Kitale -Endebess-Saum road in Trans Nzoia County.We will register you with KUCCPS and assist you apply for HELB by clearing your cyber fees. ETTI students are the MOST serious and Disciplined.Thats why we record the highest pass rates in the region.Visit us now for the May 2021 intake and your prompt admission to persue your dream skills for greatness.
    Call 0723383036/0726843947/0740583700.
    Inform a friend to tell a friend/relative or neighbour. Access Quality TVET Training and skills at ETT


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