23 Jun 2020

Tenders Advert for FY 2020-2021

We are pleased to invite eligible suppliers for tender to supply Endebess Technical and Vocational College for the 2020-2021 Financial Year. Please find attached the tender advert and tendered terms and conditions. Tender forms are available for download at the download section of this website. The tender forms may also be collected at the institution. Please note all applications must be received by 12PM 25th July 2020.

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Comment List

  • Angelina Mutisya June 23, 2020

    Good work Mr. Principal. We appreciate your good work. May God bless and give you steangth to reform the college and the whole community at large.

  • Daniel Kakusha July 11, 2020

    Yap! Thank you Angeline

  • Martin juma August 21, 2020

    Thanks for the good work sir.keep the spirit


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